December 21, 2015

New Blog!

I have a new blog called Detroit Urbanism. It's about the way history shapes our maps and built environment in both the city of Detroit and its suburbs. Posts on the new blog will be similar to the last few ones that I have posted on Corktown History, and a whole new site seemed more appropriate home for future articles. Click here to read and enjoy!


  1. Paul, you created a Ferndale story from your "old" blog a few years ago. Does that blog page still exist in any way, shape or form? If so, can you send me the link or an electronic version of it (PDF) to kbreenbo at comcast dot net?

    That blog post inspired me to research the builders of our Ferndale "Woodland Park Improvement Association" neightborhood, Nels and Axel Michelson (originally built the "Berry Gordy" house in Boston-Edison at 918 and 943 W. Boston Blvd).