September 24, 2014

Stereoscopic Images

I recently learned that "wigglegrams" (brief animated GIFs that create an illusion of three-dimensional space) can be made from old stereoscopic images. I have made a few out of the few vintage stereoscopic images of Corktown that I'm aware of.

The one that turned out the best was of the former Trumbull Avenue Congregational Church, once located on the northeast corner of Trumbull and Bagley Avenues. It was built in 1868 and moved to this location in 1881. It was replaced by a larger building that was torn down by 1950, and today the space is occupied by the parking lot for St. Cece's Pub.

The other stereoscopic Corktown images do not offer the same amount of dramatic movement, but I have included them here anyway.

This photo is of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, built on Trumbull Ave. for Corktown's growing population of German-speaking Lutherans in 1865. The congregation moved to a new brick building at Pine Seventeenth Streets in 1873 and took the old wooden structure with them to use as a school. Today this spot is occupied by the vacant lot in between Checker Cabs and UFO Factory.

The Detroit Fire Department's firehouse for Engine Company No. 8 was constructed in 1871 at the southwest corner of Bagley and Sixth Streets. It was replaced by a new structure in 1918, which is still standing, but converted into offices.

Other images that might technically fall within Corktown's borders are of stately brick mansions that once lined Lafayette and Fort Streets before the encroachment of industry.

Click here for a wigglegram made from photos taken from Detroit's Old City Hall, looking east across Campus Martius.

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