November 21, 2011

1763 Vermont Part II: 1946-Present

As mentioned in Part I, Harry Hosack owned 1763 Vermont until foreclosing in 1943. Steven Snider, a grandson of Hosack, told me that relatives remember the home being divided into two apartments at the time. This alteration must have been done after 1941, because no separate address appears in the city directory before then.

On April 26, 1946, First Liquidating Corporation sold 1763 Vermont to Jennie G. Smith, John W. Hoag Jr. and his wife, Phyllis M. Hoag. Mr. Hoag's father, John Wellington Hoag Sr., was the preacher at the Woodward Avenue Baptist Church (demolished 1986) from 1915 until his death in 1947.

Between 1949 and 1956, almost all of the houses across the street from 1763 Vermont were demolished and replaced with a parking lot. The images below are courtesy of Wayne State University.

There is a ten-year gap in the records on this property, both in the city directories and in the documents obtained from Wayne County. The next available data are from 1956, when the home was owned by George M. Bell. The directory from that year is also the first I've found that includes the address of the separate apartment within the house. From then on, the lower unit was 1765 Vermont, and the upstairs unit was 1763. The following is an incomplete list of known renters of 1765 Vermont:
1956 - John & Rose Davis
1958 - William & Annabelle Durkins
1964 - Frank & Julie Medina
1965 - (Vacant)
1968 - Lloyd & Sharon Little
1970 - (Vacant)
1973 - (Vacant)
1988 - Leroy Poole, Jr.
1989 - Charinease L. Brown
1990 - Arthurene B. Eubanks
1991 - Foye E. Gantt
1992 - William Buchanan

George and Christine Bell bought the house and lived in it (specifically, in the upper unit) from at least 1956 to 1958. From 1964 until at least 1973, the Bells rented the upper apartment to Thomas and Patricia Edwards. On May 5, 1975, the Bells sold the house to John T. and Patsy A. Adkins for $3,000.

1763 Vermont in 1976.
Courtesy of the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office

On May 4, 1979, Mr. and Mrs. Adkins sold the house to Ruben G. and Maria Rodriguez for $4,000. The property would stay in the family for twelve years. On December 23, 1988, Ruben Rodriguez, now widowed, added Ricardo E. Rodriguez to the deed. On May 10th of the following year, Ruben quit-claimed his half of the house to Alicia Ramos. On the following November 28, Rodriguez and Ramos quit-claimed the property to Alfredo Rodriguez, Jesus Rodriguez, Rose-Marie Bird, Edmundo Rodriguez, Rogelio Rodriguez, Ricardo Moreno, and Roberto Rodriguez. The year after that, Rose-Marie Bird, Rogelio Rodriguez and his wife Virginia quit-claimed their part in the ownership of the home to co-owners Ricardo Moreno and Roberto and Edmundo Rodriguez.

In 1991, the house fell into tax foreclosure and was seized by the State of Michigan on May 5, 1992. It fell under the ownership of Wayne County on May 17, 1995, and was then transferred to the Corktown Consumer Housing Cooperative the following month, on June 30.

1763 Vermont was finally purchased by Kelly Giannotta on March 15, 2002 for $10,000. The property became owned jointly by Kelly Giannotta and David Larson on September 30, 2003, after their marriage. They are now the home's current owners, and have renovated it extensively several years ago.

1763 Vermont in 2002.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

The entrance to the upper flat has been turned back into a window.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

Co-owner David Larson, during the renovation.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

These coins were discovered in and around the house throughout the
renovation. Clockwise from the top left: an 1856 U.S. quarter, a
1911 U.S. penny, a 1943 U.S. steel penny, and a 1917 British Penny.

The home's original staircase was moved to this location by
the front door when the house was divided into two units.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

The staircase during the renovation, returned to its original location.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

The rear of 1763 Vermont during renovation.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

The rear of 1763 Vermont after renovation.
Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

1763 Vermont has been restored to its previous state as a single-family home. It is now rented out, as it had been throughout most of its history.

Photo courtesy of David & Kelly Larson.

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